The Haunted Castle

Far away between heaven and hell, there’s a supremely dark place known as “The Haunted Castle”. It’s said that you can still hear the screams of the long-forgotten landlords when you listen closely. So do you dare to cross the Bridge of the Brave and visit this creepy castle?






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Project Details

Making of The Haunted Castle

The origins of this gallery can be traced back to a passion project by our architect, Farnaz. It blossomed into an exciting concept of presenting the dark art community with a special gallery on Halloween. The vision was to craft a mysterious, dark castle set within a spine-tingling, haunted atmosphere, providing a unique and immersive experience for all to enjoy.

1. Sketching

Once we have a clear idea, we start sketching it on paper so the client can get a feeling for the gallery.

2. Main Concept

Upon agreement based on the sketch and the requirements discussed, we will begin to create the whole structure, excluding details.

3. Basic Model

During this phase, we add all the details and define colors and textures for the model.

4. Final Model

Before we render the model, we’ll get feedback and approval from the customer and finalize the last details.

5. Rendering

In this step, we define all light and shadow settings to let the machine render it, which takes several hours.

6. Ready for Minting

At this point, the gallery model is finished. Now we will record a video and prepare everything to publish the gallery on oncyber.

Work in Progress Images

Transparency is essential and helps in efficient execution. Therefore, we involve the customer throughout the entire gallery-building process by actively sharing screenshots of each step.

Ready to Go?

Visit THE Haunted Castle


The Haunted Castle

Art Unchained passionately created this mysterious gallery to support the dark art community. Get yours before it gets you!







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