Metaverse 3D VRM Avatar Creation Service

In the Metaverse, you can be anything you want to be.

Our Metaverse 3D Avatar Creation Service brings your unique identity to life. Whether you’re inspired by a favourite PFP or have an idea all of your own, we’ll create a custom avatar that’s compatible with your Metaverse of choice. Experience the metaverse like never before with an avatar that is truly unique.

What You Get

A Complete Metaverse Identity Kit

We’re not just creating an avatar; we’re crafting a digital identity that’s uniquely yours. The comprehensive package we provide is filled with elements designed to enhance your metaverse experience.


NFT Avatar

We imprint your unique avatar as an NFT, which is automatically recognised by or your desired metaverse and makes it easier for you to jump into the metaverse.


"How to Use" Guide

Navigate the digital world with ease using our detailed and user-friendly guide.


Receive a high-quality, transparent PNG and a JPG of your avatar, perfect for representing your unique digital identity across platforms and social media.

360-Degree Video

Experience your digital persona in full 360-degree glory, adding depth to your online presence.


Own your VRM file, the key to unlocking your avatar’s potential in various VR platforms.


The Approved Sketch

Hold onto the origin of your digital self with the initial sketch that started it all.

Quality and Satisfaction Tailored to Your Needs

Create Your Unique Metaverse Identity Today

Quick Delivery

In just 10 days, your unique avatar will be ready to explore the Metaverse! We’ll keep you in the loop with regular progress updates.

Affordable Pricing

At just 0.29 ETH, get a custom avatar with unlimited sketch changes and one free modeling change. Additional modeling changes are available at 0.05 ETH each.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to love your avatar! That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee during the creation process.

Meet the 3D VRM Avatar Family


Meet Arty, our grumpy yet art-loving turtle mascot. He's the heart and shell of Art Unchained!

Arty Fashion

Arty's got style! This avatar rocks Arty artwork as chic clothing. Fashion meets art.


Boohoo, our friendly ghost, last seen haunting The Haunted Castle. Spooky yet charming!


Chimper, a voxel avatar we crafted for the Chimpers community. A tale-telling primate!


LIT Rat, a fiery voxel avatar made for the LIT community. Art and fire, a blazing combo!

Don Kebab

Don Kebab, a massive avatar for all the foodies out there. Michael's favorite, yummy!

Pepe Candle

Pepe Candle, a green chart candle come alive. Pepe's got the market vibes!

Cool Banana

Cool Banana, the chilliest fruit in town. Sunglasses, headphones, and 4:20 vibes!

420 Dude

420 Dude, a green avatar embodying the spirit of the web3 space. Stay high on tech!

Turbo Baby

Turbo Baby, an avatar inspired by the TURBO token community. Small but turbo-charged!

Turbo Chad

Turbo Chad, an avatar inspired by the TURBO token community. He's all muscles and metaverse machismo!


Crafted high above the clouds, Pooky brings joy and laughter wherever it goes.


Born mid-flight, Yolo is all about seizing the moment and living life to the fullest.


Your Avatar?

Don't see your perfect match? No worries! Let's create your unique avatar together. Click here to start your custom avatar journey!


Your Avatar?

Don't see your perfect match? No worries! Let's create your unique avatar together. Click here to start your custom avatar journey!

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