Customized Virtual Galleries for the Metaverse

We create, curate, and connect traditional with digital art focusing on web3 customized virtual galleries, NFT art consulting, and digitalization.


Bring your ideas to the Metaverse. We love to create customized virtual galleries that perfectly match your art collection.



Exhibit your digital artwork in your personal gallery. We curate and optimize it for a harmonious composition of color, form, and content.



Looking for specific art? We have extensive knowledge of unique artists working with all kinds of art, and we are happy to connect you.

The Beginning of Art Unchained

Our Genesis Gallery: Cyberpunk

Looking for a suitable gallery to exhibit our cyberpunk collection; the existing galleries did not meet our requirements. Shortly after, we met our talented art director and architects within the web3 community.

Full of drive, we passionately executed our first gallery project together. During this harmonious process, a wonderful friendship developed, and we founded Art Unchained. Today we offer our creativity, experience, and skills in the Metaverse to realize your virtual gallery according to your wishes.

*The curated Cyberpunk gallery consists of over 220 NFT artworks, of which many are animated.
Depending on your system and internet connection, it may take a moment to load.

Customized Virtual Galleries Made by Art Unchained

WhiskyArt Gallery

Enter the WhiskyArt Gallery and let yourself be carried away to a long-gone time accompanied by beautiful blues and jazz sounds. With a good whisky

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The Haunted Castle

Far away between heaven and hell, there’s a supremely dark place known as “The Haunted Castle”. It’s said that you can still hear the screams

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Urban Jungle Gallery

Step into the Urban Jungle Gallery – an extraordinary fusion of natural beauty and industrial design. Immerse yourself in the lush tropical landscape as you

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Attention to Detail Matters

Creative Gallery Curation

The best-coordinated arrangement of different artworks is the key to a harmonious art gallery. We love to analyze artworks and find the right place for each piece based on corresponding details.

Are you looking for a curator? Let’s get in touch.

Welcome to Your Virtual Home


The possibilities for a virtual gallery are limitless. Whether it’s a haven for your curated art collection, a dynamic showroom for your brand and products, or an engaging community hub for your NFT endeavor, there are no boundaries.

If you have a vision, we can turn it into a reality!

Customized Virtual Gallery Package

You will receive a customized virtual gallery based on your demands, ready to be used on oncyber or other metaverses of your choosing. Our service includes the following points:

Additional Services

Provide an unforgettable user experience in your gallery with our additional services. Do you have a brilliant idea? Then, let’s talk about it.

We’re excited to learn about your project and bring your virtual space to life. Contact us now to start a conversation about your unique needs and preferences, and receive a personalized offer tailored specifically to your vision.

Get Ready for the Metaverse​

Digitalization and Restoration

Step into the Metaverse and offer your visitors an unforgettable experience with a digital replica of your museum from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to our team of 3D architects, we can reproduce your museum/art gallery 1:1. With our professional equipment, we digitalize your artwork in high resolution maintaining its quality.


From Physical to Digital

Convert your physical artwork to a digital version, maintaining its quality.


Restoration and Preparation

We restore and edit your precious artwork to be ready for the Metaverse.


Digital Art for the Metaverse

We assist you in minting your artwork as NFT and displaying it in virtual galleries.

Meet the Team

The Faces behind Art Unchained

Our team, consisting of passionate art enthusiasts and studied architects, was formed within the web3 community. Together we complement each other and bring all the skills required to create customized virtual galleries and run art projects.



A multi-skilled and creative art enthusiast with endless imagination, bringing your vision to life.



A qualified photographer and pixel perfectionist with attention to detail, ensuring you are beyond satisfied.


Head of 3D-Architecture

A certified architect with a gift for innovation, turning your imagination into virtual spaces.


Head of 3D-Architecture

A certified interior architect and sketch master, creating the amazing details of your customized gallery.



A visionary 3D architect with a very strong passion for creativity and the relentless pursuit of the perfect solution.


3D Architect Trainee

A passionate 3D architect trainee, driven by steadfast determination and a strong commitment to innovation and excellence.


Art Director

A branding wizard with an eagle eye for aesthetics, transforming your ideas into fantastic logotypes.



A highly skilled 3D designer, driven by passion for crafting impressive visualizations and animations that infuse vitality into every 3D model.



A master of 3D tools, Hanna breathes life into avatars from sketch to final, creating dynamic and engaging virtual characters.


Metaverse Content Strategist​

A master of movement, from dance floors to digital realms, Befe blends choreography and marketing to weave immersive metaverse stories.


Metaverse Content Strategist​​

A renowned photographer and gifted artist, Doruk offers a unique perspective on the world, translating his vision into mesmerizing metaverse tales.


Spaces Host

A fiery artist with a marketing background, keeping the community updated and spreading positive vibes.

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